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My name is Caleb Ibarra,

I never knew I was interested in computer science until I joined my sixth grade robotics team. I had never participated in an extracurricular activity besides a sport, so I joined the team out of curiosity. Little did I know how much I would enjoy the subject, and joining the team is what would ultimately lead me down the path of computer science. That decision is probably the reason why I am in GITA today, and I still enjoy computer science as a freshman.

What is up with GITA?

GITA is a challenging class that requires students to use their problem-solving and programming skills. Every project has a challenging aspect to it, and it usually takes hours upon hours throughout multiple days just to complete one project. Sometimes we stay up late at night, working profusely to complete the project right before it is due the next day. A lot of patience is needed to debug and test every little bit of code to make sure there are no errors, and I would say testing code takes up 80% of the time. Overall, this class has immensely improved my problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and my ability to manage my time.

My Goals This Year

As a sophomore at Brea Olinda High School, I intend to give my full effort in my sport, but more importantly, focus on my academics. I know that I will receive heavy workloads this year, and I want to successfully manage my time so I can stay on top of my classes. I am in AP Euro, AP Seminar, AP Precalc, the BOHS PAFC club, and I will most likely join Hack Club.