GITA 2 Portfolio & Projects

What am I Learning This Year?

We are learning HTML, which is a coding language used to create webpages. We are also learning CSS to help us design these webpages and Javascript to actually make the webpages function. Thanks to programs such as Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code, we can write and edit code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. (Thank you Mr. Salesky!)

Final project (5/25/2023): Arthur's Coffee Shop

This is my final project. I updated certain aspects of a website belonging to "Arthur's Coffee Shop", which is a breakfast and lunch restaurant. Their actual website has not been updated, so hopefully in the future they will accept my design.

Eighteenth project (3/23/2023): Number Array Upgrade

In this project, we used two different methods to find a specific number's position in an array of 5000. The first method involved checking the specific number against every number in the array of 5000. The second method involved checking the specific number against the middle of the array. If it was not equal to the middle, it went to the middle between the middle and the end. It repeated this process until the specific number location was found. Both of these processes were repeated 5000 times.

Seventeenth project (3/10/2023): String Program

In this project, we had users enter any words or phrases of their choice. These words/phrases were then pushed into an array, which was outputted in all uppercase and lowercase. The longest string, shortest string, and the combination of both, were also outputted.

Sixteenth project (3/2/2023): Number Array

In this project, we generated 5000 random numbers and stored them in an array of 5000. We outputted the highest number, lowest number, the average of the numbers, and the total amount of even and odd numbers.

Fifteenth project (2/24/2023): Research Project

In this project, we researched six topics related to the issues and benefits of computing in the modern world.

Fourteenth project (1/27/2023): Helicopter Game

In this project, we created a game where the user can move the helicopter in three directions as it is being pulled down by gravity using the canvas tag. If the helicopter touches the bottom, it is game over. There are also birds flying at the helicopter, and it loses health if it hits a bird.

Thirteenth project (12/13/2022): Circle Bounce Upgrade

In this project, we animated ten circles using the canvas tag. Each circle was a random size, color, and had random speeds.

Twelfth project (12/8/2022): X-Treme Webpage

In this project, we made computer science seem like an intense sport by using graphics, styling, and an intense video embedded in the webpage.

Eleventh project (11/10/2022): Space Invader

In this project, we made a space invader that does the traditional side-to-side and downwards movement using the canvas tag. If it reaches the bottom of the canvas, then the player loses. The player controls a spaceship which is positioned at the bottom of the canvas and can shoot bullets upwards. If the player hits the invader 10 times, then he/she wins.

Tenth Project (11/1/2022): Circle Bounce

In this project, we made an animation with a big circle, small circle, and a rectangle using the canvas tag. The shapes are randomly placed on the canvas and they move once the user clicks the move button. The circles move diagonally and bounce off the edges of the canvas. If the two circles touch, the little one stays inside the big one. The rectangle moves randomly in horizontal and vertical directions. If it touches a circle, then the circle disappears.

Ninth Project (10/18/2022): Triangle Checker

In this project, we wrote a program that checks whether three given lengths will form a complete triangle and what type of triangle is formed. The triangle is classified by its sides and its angle. We kept track of how many triangles have been classified and the percentage of triangles for each type of classification.

Eighth Project (10/10/2022): Craps Game

In this project, we simulated the popular game of Las Vegas Craps. We used the dice rolling from the previous project and added the set of rules from Vegas Craps. If the player wins or loses then the game automatically restarts.

Seventh Project (10/5/2022): Dice Program

In this project, we wrote a program that simulates rolling two dice. We also showed the sum of the two dice, kept track of how many times each sum was rolled (2-12), and displayed the probability of rolling each sum.

Sixth Project (9/28/2022): Merchandise Store Upgrade

In this project, we added three radio buttons and two checkboxes to our original merchandise store. The first radio button was for non-high schoolers, the second was for freshmen or sophomores, and the third was for juniors or seniors. Each radio button gave different discounts depending on which was selected. The two checkboxes were for people with siblings in GITA. We kept track of how many people had both a brother and sister in GITA, the original order price, the discount amount, and the final price with the discount, all of which were outputted to a text area.

Fifth Project (9/16/2022): Merchandise Store

In this project, we sold four different items at four different prices using input from the user. We created textboxes for the user to order a certain amount of each item, and used that to calculate the total cost of the order. We also kept track of the total orders placed, the total revenue generated, and the average cost of each order, all of which was outputted to a text area. All text is styled using CSS.

Fourth Project (9/9/2022): Collage Gallery

In this project, we put together a collage of images that represent us. We put phrases that correspond to each image and explain the meaning behind them. We used relative and absolute positioning to position each graphic, and styled all text using CSS.

Third Project (9/2/2022): Business Card

In this project, we created a business card webpage that includes our name, our website address, the school's phone number, the school's address, our email address, our brand graphic, and a QR code that leads to our website. The webpage size is appropriate for a cell phone to view.

Second Project (9/1/2022): Technology Webpage

In this project, we were tasked to create an HTML document that explains a newly emerging technology. I chose to explain quantum computing, which is an advanced computer that can outperform classical computers and super computers. We styled our document using an external style sheet and added three rollovers to our graphics.

2st Project (8/23/2022): Misinformation vs Disinformation

In this project, we conducted research on misinformation and disinformation and how they are negatively influencing American media. We wrote several paragraphs of information on this topic and styled our text using CSS.

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